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We are happy to let you know that SIRUMIUM (ex crimeclub) is back online.
If you are old vendor here you will have one month bonus on your advertise and free banner in rotation.


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Dark    0

Hello fellow members of crimeclub. Today we have added VIP section on our forum which will be used to share our stuff with most dedicated members of this board.There is  no doubt this forum will grow big with plans we have for future so we ensure you that it will be worth to have VIP status.


How to get VIP status ?

- You should be active on forum, minimum of 30 posts is required.

- You should share minimum of 5 tutorials in our section "Carding Tutorials" (tutorials can be copy/paste but make sure you mention it!).

- You should be on this board minimum of one month, new users cant join vip group!


What can i find in VIP section ?

- VIP section for free CCs, dumps and other stuff.

- Tutorials (carding sites, methods how to get CCs and turn them into money or bitcoins and many other things!)

- Code (we will be posting credit card shop source code, different phishing pages which are not detected and other things like malwares etc..)

- Hacking tutorials (how to setup your mailserver, send spam emails and sms, etc..)

- Private database dumps from hacked sites!

- Many other things


As you can see we are not supporting method to pay and get VIP status. We will try to share knowledge as much you can and make this board different from others on this and many other ways!



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logan    0

This is awesome and will help to get active member. but hope to get good quality posts. I will contribute too.

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Dizzy    0

Interesting, but there are less amount of people around here i'd like to contribute 

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