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We are happy to let you know that SIRUMIUM (ex crimeclub) is back online.
If you are old vendor here you will have one month bonus on your advertise and free banner in rotation.

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Dear members, i would like to welcome you all on SIRMIUM,  board where you can learn some new stuff and earn good money. Please refer to text under to learn more about forum staff and forum itself.

About us

We are group of highly skilled hackers which are in this game for 5+ years. We are here to share our knowledge not only in fraud but also in hacking and penetration testing. Our goal is to create team of people who know their job, who will enjoy their stay here and make some serious profit. We are highly focused on people who have skills in fields of penetration testing and coding (C/C++, ASM, etc..)



Forum is currently free for register and everyone is welcome, but at some point we will close registrations and make this private board.


Our Goal

Our goal is to make group of serious people who will cooperate under leadership of our great staff. More details will be posted as soon forum step on it feet. Please have in mind that you can earn money on our forum by writing good posts, tutorials and other stuff.


Advertise on forum



General Rules

1. Prohibited to flood on services topics, only feedbacks allowed.
2. Prohibited to distribute information from this forum, including the names of participants and their contact information.
3. Forbidden to beg.
4. Prohibited to "bump" topics more than once a week.
5. Prohibited to post links and files containing viruses or any malware inside.
6. Prohibited to make threads about buying/selling Dump+Pin.
7. Forbidden all activities related to carding CIS.

8. Forbidden to post insult and slander for members. Keeping this item, you must provide evidence within 24 hours.
9. Not allowed to post personal and confidential information about the other party without admin permission.
10. Foul language is prohibited.
11. Prohibited register accounts if nicknames are similar to the other participants and famous nicknames.
12. Prohibited to sale methods, tutorials etc.
13. Forbidden to discuss the administration's actions.
14. Flooding is prohibited on "Black List" section.
15. Prohibited to post anything about drugs and psychotropic substances

Violating any of these rules will lead to instant ban and blacklisting you on this and other forums.


We hope you will enjoy your stay here. For any other information you can contact any of our staff and they will try to solve your problem as soon its possible.








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