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  1. ETHICAL HACKING WITH GO PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE: BUILD TOOLS -What is Hacking? -How to Use go language for Hacking -How to Change MAC address using golang. -How to create a TCP network Scanner -How to Perform Man in the Middle attack using golang -Perform Packet capturing and interception -Create your own malware -Running Commands remotely on victim. -Navigating File system on victim machine. -Stealing Files and Folders from victim machine. -Uploading Viruses on victim Machine. -Creating your own keylogger. -How to Package your malware into a trojan. https://mega.nz/file/HkhQibBB#cJZ-AWEblc6gOTWCNORWzKL1ykvvnL9Y4yfa7Pp0j3Q #ethical #hacking #security #video https://t.co/UEkPddSKpX 70 videos on how to hack guides. (NOT FORCED) donations goes to a foundation who help people from asia, africa and cambodia. thanks! BTC address: 32rUautm1SzUs5a1uefdN7iSQukpqC3UYV
  2. this is my group. all about just everything ^^

  3. might wanna check this out! https://doc.lagout.org/CloudStack/ https://doc.lagout.org/LPI/ https://doc.lagout.org/Others/ https://doc.lagout.org/distribution/ https://doc.lagout.org/dsp/ https://doc.lagout.org/electronics/ https://doc.lagout.org/network/ https://doc.lagout.org/operating system / https://doc.lagout.org/programmation/ https://doc.lagout.org/science/ https://doc.lagout.org/security/ https://doc.lagout.org/Alfred V. Aho - Data Structures and Algorithms.pdf https://doc.lagout.org/Computer Architechture.pdf https://doc.lagout.org/Computer Hardware Main Components.pdf https://doc.lagout.org/Computer Organisation %26 Fundementals.pdf https://doc.lagout.org/Embedded Hardware.pdf https://doc.lagout.org/Halte Aux Hackeurs - Stuart McClure - Eyrolles (4ème Ed.) - 2003.pdf https://doc.lagout.org/Mobile Communciations by Jochen Schiller.pdf https://doc.lagout.org/Operatin System Internals and Design Principles.pdf https://doc.lagout.org/Operating System Concepts.pdf https://doc.lagout.org/The Indispensable PC Hardware Book - Third Edition.pdf https://doc.lagout.org/config-fail2ban.tar.gz https://doc.lagout.org/readme.txt https://doc.lagout.org/rtfm-red-team-field-manual.pdf https://doc.lagout.org/tree.txt for ethical hacking ^^
  4. Hello guys, i have profIles and sales threads in exploit.in and 0day forums. Today im starting sales here with my project know has GlitchPOS, it is a RAM scraper with some loader capabilities. Video proof: https://streamable.com/nl4j4 Loader: • File size: 9kb (10kb with configurations). • Grab Track1 and Track2 Data. • No dependencies. • File tested from XP to W10 (x86 and x64). • Communication between loader and panel are encrypted. • Configurations encrypted and mixed inside the loader. • Fully compatibility with crypters. • Non common way to get commands from the panel (bypass AVs). • File melted after execution. • Loader detects human activity to execute the payload (avoid analysis). Panel: • Dashboard: • information about online bots, offline bots, infected POS and cards data. • Graphic map with infections by country. • Top 5 infected countrys. • Top 5 card senders. • Clients: • Shows HWID, IP, country, PC-name, cards received from bot and bot status • Tasks: • Filter for individual targeting (HWID). • Filter for GeoIP targeting. • Commands: [Download & execute (Memory), Download & execute (Disk), Update, Uninstall] • Tasks Types: [Single execution, Each Restart, Only New bots, Only Active POS] • Tasks Status: [Active, Suspended] • Cards: • Panel detects card type. • You can export all the cards in xls format. • Show HWID, Country, Card number, card type and date. • Settings: • Connection settings [User-Agent, Encryption key] • Panel Password change • Custom blacklist for processes to avoid on RAM scraping. Prices: • Build: 350. • Builder: $1000. • Gate address change: $550. • Panel installation service: $550. • Builder HWID change: $800. Changelog: 28.04.2019 [+] Updated and improved HWID function. [+] Improved Startup Method (cant be seen on msconfig). [+] Added Anti-Emulation function (VirtualBox, Sandboxie, VMWare, Avast sandbox, sniffers). [+] Added enable/disable Startup. 18.09.2020 [+] Improved melt function. [+] Improved Update function. [+] Startup method updated. [+] Removed vbs use (some POS have disabled Windows Script Host). [+] Improved scan velocity. [+] When a process with valid track data its found it will only look for it. Each five minutes it will do a full memory scan to check for other processes with valid data. [+] Fixed random problem with the algorithm in charge to decrypt and read bot configurations. [+] Fixed problem delaying update the info in dashboard [+] Fixed random problem in the HWID identification function. [+] Improved Memory Use. [+] Improved check of luhn and valid year of cards. [+] Added Offline Mode (Now it can exfiltrate data without connect to the panel) [+] Option on the panel to run EXE from external URL (no need to upload your file on the panel) [+] UNICODE SUPPORT: No more problems on chinese, arabic or any other language PC. Take the world! [+] Updated track regex. [+] New crypto routine (safer) Contact us: [email protected]
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