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    Javascrip recon in penetration testing

    Steps The first step is to collect possibly several javascript files (more files = more paths,parameters -> more vulns) To get more js files, this depends a lot on the target, I'm one who focuses a lot in large targets, it depends also a lot on the tools that you use, I use a lot of my...
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    Cobalt Strike 4.2

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    REPOST Multi CMS Brute

    Reqs: - Python version 3.5 - Install requests - your url in list.txt Works on: WordPress, OpenCart and Magento cd / Multi CMS Brute Force python3 > list.txt
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    Forum is up and online

    Dear members, As you can see forum is up with fresh template. We expect it to keep spammers away for a long time. For all users who had VIP or higher rank earlier, please send PM and we will add your rank again. You can reply on this thread if you have any questions. admin